Today is our first attempt at a blog!  We shall see how this goes…while we are looking to WOW you with our expertise on the moving industry and dazzle you with our spunky and crafty blogs it could be the most EPIC fail in all of moving history.

Over the last few days in the moving industry there has been a theme that has appeared more than once or twice.  While reviewing our customer comment cards and reading our FAN MAIL (YES WE DO GET FAN MAIL IN THE MOVING INDUSTRY) a very cute and extremely likable elderly gentleman commented, “Thank you all for a very fine job of moving me to my new home” and other pleasantries which made us blush and say aw shucks.  This lovely gentleman ended his letter with a PS that read something along the lines of today being what would have been his 66th anniversary with his bride and he should have done it again as it not good being alone all of the time (insert tears swelling up in my eyes as I read and an overcoming urge to invite him to every Christmas and birthday party my family hosted moving forward).

That was yesterday and today while helping a customer load boxes into her vehicle for her long commute over to the Hoosier State we were discussing her move, her family and then a story about her elder father whom recently moved to Arizona trying to grab a slice of sunshine and friendship in a new environment.  Our customer went on to tell stories of a lonely father who had become somewhat of shut-in after the loss of her mother.  A great man with a piece of his heart missing seeking to find comfort in new found friendships by attending church and moving to a new senior facility.

In the moving industry we move people for all sorts of reason…we got married, he got a new job, my parents told me I am 30 and living in the basement is just no longer an option, but the one that has become emotionally challenging and leaves us feeling the need to find something we can do is that of the elderly.  So what can we do????  While I have thought about personally trying to visit the lonely people in which we move on a regular basis for coffee or a game of dominos, it just doesn’t seem like a realistic plan.  Then the ah ha moment…start our blog today!!!  And challenge everyone to go visit there widowed grandparent, parent, call your grandpa, take your dad fishing, go sit on the porch of your elderly neighbor and listen to their story about the good ole days.  Fill the heart with caring, love and friendship!!  Move out the loneliness!!