The moving van has pulled away and the last box was unpacked.  As you organize your home and get adjusted to your new surroundings there is often something the busy moving-mood adult forgets about.  On the checklist you have your new garbage service set up and the new cable provider has ensured you are ready for the Bears game on Sunday night, but what have you done to ensure you little ones are ready for their new school?  We are not talking supplies, sure running to your local target and picking up the glue stick is important…but there is something a little more important to help prepare your little one for their first walk down the hall of their new school.

What as parents have you done to ensure they have met classmates prior to their first day?  Walking the halls of a new school can be very and I mean VERY intimidating.  I recall being moved 3 hours away from my reality when I was in fifth grade.  The first day was gut wrenching.  Tons of kids chatting about their summer trip to Great America or where they got their new Esprit book bag.  As the questions rushed in my mind…where is Great America, how do they all know each other and more important what the heck is Esprit and Guess and why does everyone have it on their clothes?

In my previous rural community no one cared what the tag on your clothes said…honestly we were just glad if you didn’t show up smelling like something you had milked that morning.  Being the parent of the new kid is a job; it requires planning, scheduling, marketing and most importantly counseling.  As a parent to a new kid it is your responsibility to find out what activities are going on in your new community for your child to participate in, put yourself out there and introduce yourself to the new neighbor with all of the kid’s bicycles sitting in the garage and encourage your child to put themselves out there.  Now not all kids are extreme extroverts like me…so be sure to have conversations with you kiddos and discuss ice breakers.

Make sure Johnny has a few questions in mind to get the conversation rolling with his new friends.  Johnny might want to ask his new friends what sports they are playing right now or find out where the best park in town is.   Being the new kid can be intimidating.  When the moving van drives off and you are getting settled, don’t forget to help your new kid get settled in too!!