Things to know about winter moving.

Winter moving season is underway!!  While it is certainly not our favorite time of the year to move folks and we have thought about closing from January through March like Dairy Queen…we realize you still need us during the winter.  Moves during the winter are not always easy and can be crippled by single digit temperatures and multiple inches of snow.  Being prepared and knowing how to handle a winter move can make things smooth and simple on your end.  Here are a few things that can help ensure your winter relocation is stress free!

    • Don’t get left out in the cold- Confirm closing with your Mortgage Company and realtor the week prior to relocation. It is never fun to find out that a closing is delayed…it is even less fun when half of your belongings are on a moving truck and it is 4 degrees outside.


    • Turn on the heat- Don’t forget to ensure you have all of your utilities up and running in your new home. Nothing is worse than getting to a new destination and realizing that you do not have electricity…especially during pipe freezing months.  This is something that should be done days prior to the move.


    • Winter Packing- Packing can occur up to a week before closing. During the winter it is important to leave out winter items that could possibly be needed for move day.  These items include warm clothes, winter coats, shovels and salt. (Need more packing tips? Click here.)


    • Clear the Way – Make sure you are ready for the movers and the moving truck. Be sure drive ways, sidewalks and all pathways are clear of snow and ice.  Remember to put down salt down as well.  The less slippery the conditions, the more efficient your move day will be.  Do not forget both locations.  Clear not only the loading site, but also the end destination!  This should be done the day prior to the move with any necessary clean up done at least a half hour before movers arrive.


    • Floor protection- Floor protection is especially important during the winter weather season. While we would love for our movers to honor your request of taking their shoes off…have you ever tried to take off your shoes while holding a 200 lbs. armoire?  It’s just impossible for movers to take their shoes on and off every time they enter your home.  Not only would it be dangerous to attempt to remove your shoes while holding heavy furniture, it would also add time and money to your move.  So what is a realistic request…floor protection and moving pads will do a great job of adding that level of protection while keeping things on track and cost effective for your move.


While these are just a few tips…they are tips that will help your winter move go off without a hitch while staying safe and within budget.  Being a prepared client will ensure a successful and stress free relocation!  Bundle up and keep moving!!

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