That is correct the title is not a play on words…This truly is the busiest week Boerman Moving and Storage has ever had.  While for any company that claim is impressive and when you have been in business 89 years like we have, it is simply an amazing concept to think about.  Through all of the housing booms and economic struggles of the past we are currently moving more people than we ever have this week.  It is an interesting thought and makes you wonder….so what does that mean?


storageforkIt means a lot of things to different people.  To our crews it means long days and lots of lifting.  To our office staff it means a ton of coordinating and customer interaction.  For our sales staff it is a lot of follow up and answering any last minute questions, all while making sure every aspect of the moving experience is pleasant for the customers.  While all of those are important details in the relocation process they are by far not the biggest item on our plate…for everyone involved in the moving process it is about the meaning behind the process.


As we enter Friday of the busiest week ever, it is a great time to reflect.  Just counting local moves, we moved 41 families and they all lived to tell about it!  Sure there were times when a job went over and made us a little late for that afternoon closing job…but like our customer service slogan says, it is not about the mistake it is about the resolution.  Finding a way to make each customer happy and knowing what you need to make it right…that was very important this week.  No one is perfect and while many of us love to think that we are, it’s just not reality.


Many may think this is a risky topic…admitting your business isn’t perfect.  Talking about mistakes you have made?  Ahhhh, what will people think?  Will they be nervous by your admission that you make mistakes?  Come on, let’s be honest if a company is not willing to talk about their mistakes it probably isn’t a company you want to work with.  To go even further…let’s call that company what it is a Liar. Gasp…there are people out there that would misrepresent their business?  Yes, and as a matter of fact thanks to the world of online reviews, you can now expose them!  This week we have moved families from Naperville to California and the one thing that mattered with every move was not that we were perfect, but that our customers felt we did everything in our power to make sure they were happy at the end of the day.

Basically reflecting on the busiest week ever at Boerman Moving and Storage made us reflect more than ever, “It’s not what you do wrong, but what you do to make it right.”


Role credits and start the weekend!  Many clients and employees are ready for it!