In the last couple of years we have been asked several times what we are doing to market ourselves. Our corporate office and other moving agencies have noticed our growth and people in our local market say, “I see your name everywhere”. There is no secret weapon or no great strategy behind what we do for marketing. It simply comes down to the give. What does that mean you might ask? The way The Give effects our business plays out in multiple ways. The Give has more than one definition at Boerman Moving and Storage!


Companies strive to get their name out there. How do we get noticed? How do we stand out amongst our competitors? What can we use to market ourselves? It is a very simple concept…Giving! Whether it be through a coat drive, back packs for school kids or help with a current disaster, giving back is easy. It is a great way to get your company noticed. When you are setting up and running your charity event or item drive you are talking and working with clients, business partners and people in the community. It is a way to talk to your sphere of influence about something of interested to everyone…making the world a better place.


People like working with people that have a heart. The Give shows you care about people and about the community. It gets your name out in a positive light. In a world filled with disappointing and depressing news the word of the positive work you are doing will certainly not go unnoticed. The Give if used properly with a solid marketing campaign around it…Will Get You Business.


So now you know how to use The Give to get new business or solidify a relationship with an existing costumer and business partners.   It however does not stop here, there is more to The Give than the get. The Give now becomes a business strategy a plan if you will. To us it now becomes something we must do on our end. It becomes about personally giving. What are we giving you might ask? Where is this going? Now we give exceptional customer service. We have now used our good deeds to get business and now we have to back up those positive thoughts about our company with positive experiences. The give becomes about the customer. Giving them the information, the movers, the equipment and the highest level of service we can possibly offer.


The best part about The Give is that both scenarios give you the warm-fuzzies inside. The best part of The Give is not the new business or the growth in profits…the best part about The Give is driving home at night knowing that a kid at the shelter is going home in a new coat or the letter you get from an elderly ladies family telling you how perfect the move went. We promise The Give will work and in the end you will not only be a better company you will be better people!