Yes, the title of this post is the name of a popular Miranda Lambert song!  Sorry for those country hating songsters, but don’t stop reading just yet.  This is not an article on your favorite country song or the plight of Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

While sitting in traffic on I-55 this song hit the sound waves and led me on a journey in my mind.  I started thinking about my first house at 410 South Vine Street in Nokokmis, IL.  In a small town in south-central Illinois on a dead end road near a creek, a block away from my grandparents.  I spent the better part of my early childhood in this house playing Barbie’s, shooting hoops in the drive way and learning to ride my bike without training wheels down Vine Street.  I spent a walk home from the bus crying over the loss of my first pet and a week of my life packing up everything we owned to move three hours away from everything we knew and loved.

Her song is spot on…there was a house that built me.  When I go back to visit family I drive past and think about the great times that were spent in that house and how my life really is what it is today because of all of those things I learned and loved in that house.  There really is that one house in life that brings us back to a time in life we could reminisce on for hours!  As a moving company that has been around since 1926 Boerman Moving and Storage has moved too many families to count in and out of that house that built me!  Take a minute and share a two second story of the house that built you!  We are going to vote on our favorite House that Built Me Story!  The winner will get a $25 gift card to Panera Bread!!