Sooo…the mover is booked and the house is sold.  Time to start packing!  Anyone can pack right?  This should be easy.  Not so fast.  Here are a few details you won’t want to miss about proper packing!

Common Packing Mistakes

  1. Not Being Proactive
     Don’t wait too late to start packing.  Many people put off packing until the end.  This causes improper and hurried pack jobs.
  1. Not Letting Go
    Be critical of yourself.  If you have not used something in years there is a strong chance you will never use it again.  Don’t pay to move or store items that you will never use or are holding onto out of guilt.
  1. Not Labeling Boxes
    Be sure to label all boxes and what rooms they will go to in your new home.  Write on the sides of the boxes, so you can see the writing when the boxes are stacked.
  1. Overloading Boxes
    When you put too much in one box there is a much greater chance things will break and or your box will break.  Be sure to fill boxes to the appropriate level.  However, be sure boxes are full enough to avoid boxes collapsing.  Heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
  1. Using Plastic Totes
    Plastic totes are not ideal for moving.  In cold climates they become brittle and crack.  They are not good for heavy items and many times lids improperly fit.
  1. Not Properly Wrapping Breakable
    Proper packing paper is a must, as are dish-packs for dishes, china and other kitchen serving items.  All breakables should be wrapped on all sides with enough packing paper to protect all sides of the item.  It is also a good idea to mark breakable boxes with fragile.
  1. Not Doing A Final Walk Through
    Always walk through the home to confirm movers have loaded everything.  Areas to pay special attention are closets, drawers and basements.  Look thoroughly in all rooms before allowing the moving truck to pull away!