You  Sell. We Deliver. Problem Solved!


Did you know?  Boerman Moving and Storage also has a division called Boerman Logistics!  When many people hear the name Boerman they instantly think of a household goods mover that started in Brookfield, IL in 1926.  Few people realize that we started out by hauling coal for furnaces and ice for refrigerators.  Our business was built on delivering products door to door that in 1926 many homes could not function without.

What has changed?  Nothing really.  Not much has changed around Boerman since 1926.   The Boerman family is still delivering products to people’s homes 91 years later!  Today however, those products are a little different than the coal and ice!  You might see a Boerman Logistics driver and crew if you order a new bed.  Redesigning your kitchen?  It is very possibly that your cabinets, flooring or even your new sliding door could be delivered by a Boerman Logistics driver.  The same level of service that was established 91 years ago by Howard and Mary in 1926 is still what we strive for today!  Providing a level of service that remains timeless with each and every one of your customers homes we enter as satisfied as the next.

So you deliver, but do you store?  Absolutely!!  We are extremely excited to announce that soon we will be able to store more than ever.  During 2017 we are starting a warehouse expansion adding 16,000 square feet to our already existing 42,000 square foot warehouse.  Now that is a warehouse that is ready for your next FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) job!  Already handling several hospitality and restaurant jobs in the Chicago area, we couldn’t be more excited about the ability to take on more work.  As we at Boerman grow our logistics division we are dedicated to providing service that will not only help us expand, but be more dedicated to each of our lines of business.  Get ready real estate world….we are going to be storing a lot more of your clients household goods in our newly dedicated household goods side of our warehouse and get ready logistics as we will be better than ever and the only resource you will want for your Great Lakes area deliveries and projects!!!

Want to talk Boerman Logistics, call Andrea Farnsworth (708) 860-1579 or!