The Send off

As fall gets underway and we send kids back to school…we at Boerman Moving & Storage said goodbye to our amazing summer Intern Patrick Hill!  As our send off to Patrick and college kids and to those waiting at the corner for the bus stop we give you Patrick Hill’s farewell blog!!


My Summer Internship at Boerman:

Being just a young, dumb college boy I was pretty nervous when I first started this summer at Boerman. I mean how was I going to handle having a real job for the first time in my life??? Before I had always been the guy on the driving range who everyone would shoot golf balls at. Needless to say working for Boerman has been one of the best experiences ever. Not only was every single person, from management to the local drivers, completely welcoming and friendly, but they also taught me so much about working in the business/moving industry. From my first day I knew that I was going to like coming to work even if all my coworkers made fun of me for still having my mom pack my lunch every day (yes I am 19 and my mom packs my lunch just like elementary school although usually she doesn’t leave notes in there). Having this internship I believe really has given me a leg up in my studies at the University of Dayton, I think that having this exposure to real life inner workings of a company will allow me to thrive in my classes. Not only did they teach me new skills, but I also learned a great new vocabulary from the drivers that would come through the office from time to time. Boerman has allowed me countless opportunities to grow and network which I learned is one of the best skills you can have in today’s world. Thank You Boerman staff for allowing me into your family for just a sort while, it was truly a great honor. I look forward to hopefully coming back next summer!

-Your Friendly Intern,