Perhaps you have been struck by Cupid’s mighty arrow and found love in the workplace? If you have you are not alone. According to a study done by CareerBuilder 57% of people reported having a romantic relationship at work while a whopping 31% ended up marrying their sweethearts. Considering the amount of time people spend at work it’s easy to understand how romantic connections cultivate and evolve into committed relationships.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Boerman Moving and Storage interviewed some of their very own to discover stories of love on the road. Scott and Amy, Dan and Amanda, Glenn and Ginger, Jimmy and Tammy and Tim and Judy are all Long-Distance Contractors who work together here at BMS and have found love. We decided to ask them a few questions and what we discovered were heartwarming stories of adoration, patience and teamwork. They have given us some insight on what it takes to make their relationships work in this industry.

Glenn and Ginger
(28 years)

What is your favorite and least favorite part of being on the road together?
            Favorite part is spending time together. It’s like being on vacation together all the time. The worst part is missing family time, especially with a new grand baby.

Favorite place to visit together?
            Vegas, West Coast

Favorite memory and closing thoughts?
            Redwood Forest.
This takes a good marriage to be on the road together. 24/7 all day, every day, but we work great together and seem to really have a system to our chaos.

Jimmy and Tammy
(17 years)

What are your favorite places to visit?
            Oceanside California. Montana too.

Any special thoughts?
            We try to make the most out of every trip. We take the scenic route when possible.

One last thing to say…
            We try to treat everyone’s items as if they are our own. We relate with our customers and build a relationship with them. Also, we try to make the most out of every day. You either like this industry or you don’t. It is definitely not for everyone… that’s for sure!

Scott and Amy
(16 years)

How many trips have you been on together through the years? What was your favorite?
            30 trips! Disney World with the girls and our first trip together to Pappadeaux in Houston, TX.

We asked Scott… What is the best and worst part of being on the road together?
            She’s my best friend. She’s my whole world. She is everything to me, however, she is not a morning person at all!

One last thought…
            We love helping so many families start a new life. Even though we are away from our family, we get to help people start a new chapter in their life. And as for marriage? COMMUNICATION IS KEY, especially being on the road. And Scott added… There are days I love my truck more than my wife!

Dan and Amanda
(11 years)

Favorite place to visit together?
            California. We are both from there. We like to take time to see her grandparents on our down time. We are getting older and will not be around forever so we like to soak up as much time as we can when we are in the area. We have other family in California that we will see as well. It’s nice to be able to stop and see family when we have time.

Is it hard being on the road?
            Yes, for sure. Boerman has been the best balance though. They let you take time off when you need it if you want it to go home. Best place to work for because they are so understanding.

One last thing to say…
            The first time we went on a trip together we weren’t married yet. Everyone told us that this would be our true test to our relationship and it sure was! Imagine how hard it would be to be stuck in a truck with someone for weeks on end! It is not easy, but we are happy.

Tim and Judy
(6 years)

What is the best and worst part of being on the road together?
            Companionship. We like the company and we like to spend time together.  The worst part is we sometimes get on each other’s nerves.

Favorite place to visit together?
            We go to Rio in Vegas. Nice buffet with amazing food. We are well known there, and they don’t even charge us for the room because we waste so much money there!

Favorite memory on the road together? Judy answers…
            The time he flew me out to Vegas. He got me a limo and took me back to the hotel. He was waiting for me outside the hotel. It was so romantic!

 Judy added…
            Some advice for new couples on the road together: Make as many friends out there as you can. They are going to be your home away from family!! A brother/sisterhood family that will help you when no one else will. They will give you tips on which highway or interstate to take because of weather or construction, give their extra packing materials to help you out on a pack job, they help you load and unload your jobs just because that’s what we do in this brother/sisterhood, and they will save you a place at the hotel when the parking is starting to get full and will have the grill hot and ready by the time you get there. They will become your over the road family and that’s the best asset to have out there!

Valentine’s Day is about more than romance, flowers and candy. It is also an ideal time to show your appreciation and give thanks. At Boerman Moving and Storage we want to let you know how much we value you as a customer and appreciate your business and referrals. We love what we do because of customers like you! Thank you for letting us serve you for over 90 years!

Special thanks to all our couples who willingly answered our questions and shared a part of themselves with us. Happy Valentine’s Day!