Decluttering a home can be a very overwhelming task for many. Whether you are an empty nester looking to downsize, or looking to simplify a closet you may not know where to begin. You can conquer your clutter easily by using a container style method. It’s a simple yet effective approach leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.

Find 3 boxes/containers and label with the following categories:

  1. Trash: This box is for the items you do not want, you do not use, or you do not need. These items might be broken, or damaged and do not have any value. They cannot be sold or donated for someone else to find use with.
  2. Sell or Donate: These are items that we don’t need and someone else can benefit. If you are contemplating whether to sell or donate consider the monetary gain vs. the feel good vibe of donating. Now might be the time to spread kindness! Our goods in excess might be a much needed blessing to someone less fortunate. Research your community to plan a donation to a charity or foundation that aligns with your personal values.
  3. Storage: These are for the items we don’t need today or tomorrow, but we cannot part with. A good example is any seasonal clothes.

Happy Decluttering!