Driver Appreciation Week 2020

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Often, people take things in life for granted and we do not stop to count our blessings, which is important now more than ever to do so. So as Driver Appreciation Week comes to an end, we want to make sure we acknowledge all the hard work and effort that goes into being a truck

Common Packing Mistakes

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Sooo…the mover is booked and the house is sold.  Time to start packing!  Anyone can pack right?  This should be easy.  Not so fast.  Here are a few details you won’t want to miss about proper packing! Common Packing Mistakes Not Being Proactive  Don’t wait too late to start packing.  Many people put off

The house that built me

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Yes, the title of this post is the name of a popular Miranda Lambert song!  Sorry for those country hating songsters, but don’t stop reading just yet.  This is not an article on your favorite country song or the plight of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. While sitting in traffic on I-55 this song hit

Busiest Day in 89 years! Boerman Moving

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That is correct the title is not a play on words...This truly is the busiest week Boerman Moving and Storage has ever had.  While for any company that claim is impressive and when you have been in business 89 years like we have, it is simply an amazing concept to think about.  Through all of

So…you have the new kid?

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The moving van has pulled away and the last box was unpacked.  As you organize your home and get adjusted to your new surroundings there is often something the busy moving-mood adult forgets about.  On the checklist you have your new garbage service set up and the new cable provider has ensured you are ready